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Our volunteers are the lifeblood of this organisation and we would like to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ for all their hard work, dedication and support, and by showcasing their stories we hope to inspire others to get involved with the RMBF.

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RMBF Guilds - Ann

Ann Tate

"I’ve been with the Aldeburgh & Woodbrige Guild for about 15 years. It gives me the chance to meet all sorts of different people and work together to benefit the RMBF - enjoying ourselves at the same time.  I have worked all my professional life as a Radiologist - volunteering for the RMBF has given me the opportunity, in a small way, to give something back to medicine.

The summer lunch, celebrating the 175th anniversary of the RMBF has been one of the main highlights. We were fortunate that our local MP Dr Dan Poulter was able to attend as a guest speaker, making the event rather special.

I believe that doctors and medical students’ lives are becoming increasingly complex both professionally and financially. There has to be help for members of the profession when the unexpected disaster strikes and I think it is the duty of the medical profession to play a large part in providing this help.

I feel strongly that the RMBF should have a local presence and this can only be done through volunteers. I think it is vital that local Guilds promote enjoyable social events to make the RMBF important and personal to people."

Visit our volunteering page for more ways to get involved with the RMBF.

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Medial Liaison Officer - Aubrey

Dr Aubery Bristow'I joined about seven years ago. I must admit, the only time I had heard of the RMBF was when I read a small piece in a medical journal one Christmas.

The lack of awareness amongst the medical profession is the challenge I like most as I have the opportunity to inform others and demonstrate to doctors who feel they are at their lowest ebb that they are not alone.

The role of an MLO is quite imprecise, so to a degree, it is whatever you want it to be. I feel I set myself tasks and enjoy the challenge of completing them. There is also excellent support right the way to the top of the organisation.

I think the type of help we give will change.  Doctors will need to work longer making illness in later life more of a challenge. Jobs for life will likely disappear and the stresses of being a doctor will increase as society becomes more demanding and litigious.

The greatest challenge remains that of raising the profile of the RMBF. This can best be served by a wide range of volunteers from all branches of medicine promoting the RMBF and providing the initial contact when help is needed.'

Visit our volunteering page for more ways to get involved with the RMBF.

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Area Visitor - Hilary

Hilary Hikmet'My first role as a volunteer was as a committee member of the then Uxbridge Guild some 30years ago.  I helped organise and occasionally hosted fundraising events.   I became an Area Visitor in the mid 1980’s.

As I had married a GP I was keen to play a small part in helping other doctors who fell on hard times. As part of the fundraising team the spin off was the making of new friendships and contacts among the local medical fraternity.

I like the challenge of meeting new people and using my observational skills to assess each individual situation as each one is always quite different from the last.  I find it rewarding to be part of the process of hopefully easing the often fraught situations in which our beneficiaries unfortunately find themselves.

I believe the role of volunteering is one with a very viable future as doctors face ever more complex professional situations and experience higher levels of stress which can so often lead to serious problems.'

Visit our volunteering page for more ways to get involved with the RMBF.

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Trustee - Heather

Heather Mellows'I have been a Trustee for a year. It’s good to be part of a cohesive, friendly and effective team of people, working together to achieve the aims of the Charity.

Highlights so far include meeting some of the Area Visitors at a recent Training Day and seeing their enthusiasm and willingness to put themselves out to help others. Hearing stories of recipients of awards is another…finding out how their lives had been turned around and put back on track by help from the RMBF makes me realise how lucky I am.

I suspect the RMBF’s support will be needed more. There are changing social and financial pressures for medical students and doctors so when an adverse event occurs in their lives, they have less of a safety-net to fall back on.

As Trustees, it is important we support the President, Chairman and CEO as well as those who work for the RMBF by using skills and experience to keep best focus on the charity and its aims.  A charity cannot function without volunteers working in a variety of roles: from actually helping with individual case assessment and support, to raising awareness of the charity so that people know that help is available and fund raising.'

Visit our volunteering page for more ways to get involved with the RMBF.

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PhoneFriend - Sarah

Sarah Barker'I joined about five years ago because I wanted to help doctors with problems.

I love chatting to people and to help them resolve problems. We often discuss things that my PhoneFriend would not talk about with family and friends. Being a RMBF PhoneFriend is about giving them someone to talk to and open up to on a regular basis.

The on-going gratefulness of my PhoneFriend continues to be the highlight of my volunteering experience. She says thank you to me every time we speak for listening and giving her the time to talk. It’s all about people appreciating the chats and how our conversations help them to cope with day to day issues. It’s good to know the time I give to talk on the phone is so very much appreciated.'

Visit our volunteering page for more ways to get involved with the RMBF.

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