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I ran the London Marathon

Hi All

After three long months of training I can finally say that I have run the London Marathon!

What an experience, truly one of the most amazing feelings.Chris Quote

I had always heard stories that the crowds are fantastic and their constant encouragement really pulls you through the second half.

Having now experienced this for myself, I can now completely agree, there is nothing quite like it. I can't remember any section of the course where there wasn't a group of people cheering and shouting words of encouragement! I would struggle to describe the experience of crossing Tower Bridge, so I guess you will just have to enter and find out yourself!

My official time was: 4hours 39min which put me right in the middle of the pack coming in 24,338th place.

As you may well know, early on in my training I set myself a target of 3hrs 30min. I knew in my heart I was being a little ambitious and re-evaluated it towards the end of my training, with the new aim of finishing in 4hrs 30mins. Unfortunately it looks like a missed out by 9 mins…

race stats

That said I could not be happier with my time. After hitting the wall with 4miles to go, I would have taken a finishing time of 6hrs! The pain is nothing like I've felt before;I now know what it feels like to really push your body to the edge.

I want to sign off this blog with a few stats from my training over the last 3 months along with a big thank you to all those who sponsored and left messages of encouragement on the Just Giving page. We have raised over £6000 for The RMBF, a truly fantastic amount of money! The money raised will help continue the great work t

he charity does for those doctors, medical students and families in need.

I can't say I enjoyed the long 22 mile runs at 7am on cold Sunday mornings, but it was worthwhile when you know the money raised is going to a great cause.

Once again thank you for your support and see you next time!

(I'm thinking the New York Marathon in 2016/2017, What do you think?)




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