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RMBF at the London Marathon 2015

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Tthis April the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund took part in the Virgin London Marathon 2015. Our runner, Christopher Welch, will be endured the 26 mile race and raised over £6000 for the RMBF and its services.

Christopher’s story


Like father, like son

‘My earliest memory of the London Marathon was around the age of 4 or 5. It involved an early morning car journey to a park in London to watch my dad begin a race with thousands of other people.

After seeing him off my mum would then drive us three kids to a street, near The Houses of Parliament, where we would sleep in the car for a few hours. We would then take a short walk to a specific raised ledge above the crowds to try and spot dad as he ran past.

Christopher and Dr WelchWe did this exact routine four times over the next few years and I can safely say that in those four trips, I was never able to pick my dad out of the mass of runners.

It wasn’t until my dad’s fourth and final Marathon in 2000, when he ran in aid of the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund, that I really started to understand the enormity of what he was undertaking - For one I never realised it was 26 miles long and took most people around 4 hours to complete!

I’m not 100% percent sure on what exactly made me decide to take up the challenge, but all I know was that I was determined to try and beat my dad’s time.

(picture: Chris and his dad, Dr Christopher Welch)

When I finally turned 18, and was able to enter, I was just heading off to university and like most 18 years olds on a student diet I wasn’t in the best shape. I may have been looking for any excuse but I continued to put off entering the London Marathon.

After leaving university and working in London for a few months I realised I need to get back into shape, so I started to try my hand at triathlons. With training and races, I realised I was probably in the best shape I could be in to try the one race I had been putting off for so long. I entered straight after the 2014 Marathon and in November found out I had a ballot place for the 2015 race.

Choosing to run on behalf of the RMBF was the easiest decision I had to make. My Mother has been part of the Brentwood Guild for 20 years and I can clearly remember Christopher Welchattending charity cricket matches and music evenings as a child. I think we have even held a summer lunch for over 100 people in our garden.

Over the years I have helped at charity events in any way I can, from umpiring at the charity cricket match to folding napkins and washing up at the summer lunch. It is at these events that I have been able to learn first-hand the help and support that The RMBF can give to doctors, medical students and their families who are in real financial need.

After a few years as Treasurer, my mother took up the role as Chairman of the Brentwood Guild and I can think of no better way of supporting her than to raise money for the charity that has been an ever present part of my life.’ (picture: Christopher Welch)




February - Finishing in under 4hrs

March - 240km and counting...

April - Pacing to the finish line

May - I have run the London Marathon

Well done Christopher!


Thank you all for supporting the RMBF

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